A multi-product dropshipping business with a supporting content site in the footcare niche. The average earnings per month over the last six months is $477. Check our list of quick wins and future growth opportunities to take this to $1,000/month and beyond.

Key Highlights:

  • A 2-site business (eCommerce + content website)
  • A dropshipping website with six proven products
  • US suppliers with reasonable shipping times
  • A profitable supporting content website with organic traffic earning from both Amazon and Adsense
  • 100,000+ words of buying guides and informative articles ranking for over 1100 organic keywords
  • Two beautifully designed websites with a focus on user experience
  • Ready to scale

Website URL

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For sale is a two-website business. The profitable dropshipping eCommerce site ($477/month) has a brandable domain and six products sourced from within the USA with good delivery times. The primary source of traffic is referral traffic from the supporting content site.

The content website is profitable in its own right. It is well-designed and set for growth. The top article ranks for variations of keywords with a combined search volume of over 7,000 searches per month in the USA.


Plantar Monthly Earnings

P&L: Click here to check the P&L of the website for the past 12 months. It contains revenue, expenses, and profits for both websites included in the sale.


Content website:

Plantar Content Traffic

eCommerce website:

Plantar eCom Traffic

Quick Wins

As both sites are already profitable and set up for optimizations and growth, there are multiple quick-win opportunities you can tap into to scale the site to $1,000 per month and beyond.

  • Launch new products and show combo deals that customers can purchase together for an extra discount
  • The dropshipping site has an email list of more than 300 email subscribers. Utilize the list to upsell existing or new products
  • A Klaviyo account with post-order optimizations was activated in November. Utilize automation to improve the value per customer
  • Traffic can be generated from both organic traffic and paid traffic sources. However, if you like the option to add a dropshipping site with organic traffic to your portfolio, focus on growing organic traffic as follows:
    • Add more buying guide articles
    • Work on internal linking and silo structure
    • Add more informative articles targeting long-tail keywords
    • Get good DR backlinks to improve rankings
    • Focus on E-A-T and create social media pages
  • Improve the profitability of the content business by adding non-Amazon products as secondary review products.
  • Switch to Ezoic or another high-paying ad network
  • If feasible, merge both content and eCommerce website into one big authority website

What You Get

With the purchase, you get the following:

  • Two Domains
  • Website files and all content
  • Sales history and access to strategies that have worked for us
  • Supplier information for six products
  • Email and Klaviyo accounts
  • Premium themes and plugins
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Website transfer support to your host
  • One month post-sale support
  • An action plan to help grow organic traffic


Content website:

eCommerce website:

Plantar eCom Ahrefs

Word Count

Content website:

Footcare Word Count

Website Age

Content website:

eCommerce website:

Backlink Profile

As per Ahrefs, the content website has a clean backlink profile with no spam and has dofollow incoming links from many high-DR sites such as:

  • Untad.ac.id (DR 56)
  • Bestproductlists.com (DR 50)
  • Treadlabs.com (DR 38)

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